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Refurbished vs. Remanufactured Motors

The words refurbished, remanufactured, and rebuilt are often used synonomously when referring to used steel mill equipment, especially crane and mill motors. The assumption is usually made that there is little or no difference in quality grades among these terms. Many customers, however, are discovering that a considerable gap in quality does, in fact, exist.

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Typically, when a supplier of used electric motors markets its products as "rebuilt" or "refurbished," the customer's perception often is that the motor was rebuilt to like-new specifications. This is not usually the case, but, not surprisingly, suppliers are not going to great lengths to dissuade the notion. When most motors are said to be refurbished or rebuilt, they are, in actuality, just receiving a thorough clean and paint job. Components are not replaced unless completely worn, and limited (if any) final testing is done prior to shipment. Most used motors are "out of mechanical tolerance" - commutators are undersized, shafts are bent and worn, keyways are rounded, and locknut threads are damaged, among other problems. In order to be restored to true "like-new" condition, these problems need to be addressed.

Casey electric motors are held to the industry's highest set of remanufacturing standards. Each motor undergoes a meticulous 21-step remanufacturing process, one which is unmatched by competitors. This is the main reason why Casey is the preferred motor provider to the majority of mills in the United States and is the world's largest seller and rebuilder of DC motors. Unlike competitors, Casey assesses both mechanical and electrical conditions of the motor. Included in the 21 steps are such details as heating and varnishing of electrical parts, glass banding of armatures, and application of special corrosion-resistant insulating paint. These measures may make Casey motor's price slightly higher than a competitor's refurbished or rebuilt offering, but will save money in the long run due to increased reliability, enhanced performance, and longer motor life.

If requested, Casey will offer a rebuilt motor comparable to others (without the painstaking rebuild) This is often more than sufficient for a customer's needs and budget. To see the best overall value, however, a mill's best option can be found in a genuine Casey-remanufactured model.

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