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Casey sets the global standard for remanufacturing overhead mill cranes in Casey's 30,000 sq. ft. facility. Casey's meticulous 9-step remanufacturing process is unique in the industry and ensures that finished quality is like a new crane. DISSASEMBLY: Components are removed, old wiring is stripped, and bridge girders, trolley frame, gearboxes and end trucks are sandblasted to bare metal. ENGINEERING: Span, capacity, and speed changes are engineered by registered professional engineers. MOTORS AND BRAKES: Motors are remanufactured in our electrical shop, and brakes are rebuilt in our specialized brake shop. CONTROL: Control, master switches, resistors, main lines, limit switches, cable reels and manual magnetic disconnects are disassembled, inspected, repaired or replaced and then painted and reassembled. New wiring is installed, tagged per the wiring diagram, and electrically tested. MECHANICAL: Gears, shafts, couplings, hoist drums, sheaves, hook blocks and bearings are inspected for wear and repaired, or replaced. STRUCTURAL: Components, handrails, walkways, cabs, trolley rails, etc. are sandblasted, inspected for cracks and wear, and repaired or replaced. Girder alignment bolt holes are inspected and reamed to the next size for new bolts. MODIFCATION: Girder welds are performed by certified welders and inspected by an independent testing laboratory; any new gears are certified as to quality, material and hardness. New wheels and axles are machined and hardened to specifications. RE-ASSEMBLY: The crane is assembled on our shop floor. Control, brakes, motors, and electrics are remounted. Resistors are mounted on the bridge walkway, and new wiring is placed in conduit in preparation for a test run and the customer's final inspection. INSTALLATION SERVICES: Installation supervision and turnkey installation services are provided. Load testing documentation is also available.

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