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Casey sells hot and cold saws for industrial applications. Cold saws are used to cut cold material into a desired length. Band saws, circular saws and power hack saws are the most common type of cold saw. A band saw can be oriented either vertical or horizontal. Either style may be able to tilt for angle cuts and usually has a power feed option to advance the blade. Bandsaws affixed to a traveling car are often used to cut ERW pipe products on the fly. Circular saws is a large diameter circular blade which is either advanced horizontally or vertically through the workpiece. The circular blade is typically equipped with carbide tipped cutting teeth. A hot saw generally has a large diameter circular blade which cuts either as a drop saw or a traveling saw. A drop saw pivots down into the piece and makes the cut. A traveling saw rides on a track and slides into the piece. They are generally used for dividing or cropping billets, bars or blooms. Abrasive saws are used to cut either hot or cold material. An abrasive saw is similar to a circular saw except that rather than using a hardened tooth to remove the material an abrasive wheel grinds the material from the workpiece. Abrasive saws are typically faster than a toothed blade saw however, the grinding induces heat into the work piece and may cause burning of the cut surface. A toothed blade saw produces chips which are easily recycled where an abrasive saw creates swarf which is not easily disposed of. Contact Casey Equipment for a quote on used saws for sale.

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